200 Club

The 200 Club Lottery.
Thank you for your interest in the Bradford on Avon Rowing Club – 200 Club Lottery with the chance
to win prizes totalling up to £250 every month. In 2012 alone the 200 Club paid out nearly £1,000 in
prizes to club members.

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The objective of the Lottery is to raise funds for general club maintenance projects and also part
raising funds for our proposed new multi-purpose boathouse development. Since it was established in
2007 the 200 club (consisting of just 80 members) has helped to pay for:
                    The new hot water system for the showers
                    The perimeter fence and gates
                    The original changing room updates
We need to continue to raise funds to preserve the facilities that we currently have. However, the
club’s proposed new development over the next few years will be a major financial outlay. Whilst we
hope to obtain grants and funding to help us to achieve this, we will have to undertake a significant
amount of private fundraising. The 200 club will provide a valuable resource in assisting with this goal.
How does it work?
The format is simple you can purchase as many numbers or lottery balls for £2.50 each per month,
you are allocated a number(s) between 1 and 200. Every month one number is chosen at random,
your lucky number could be the wining one. The prize payable is based on the number of participants
– the more the subscriptions the bigger the monthly prize, half the income goes in prizes
– so please encourage your friends and family to join
The 200 Club manager, appointed by the committee, will make the draw every month. All participants
are entitled to witness the draw.
The Prize
The value of the monthly prize is dependent on the number of ‘numbers’ active in that month. Half of
the income every month goes to the club to fund general improvements that will benefit the entire club.
The other half goes to the lucky winner.
A list will be placed on the club notice board.The winner will be contacted by the 200 Club Manager as
soon as possible after the draw and paid either by cheque or by credit transfer. In the event that the
200 Secretary is unable to contact you with these details when you have won a prize, it is your
responsibility to contact the 200 Club to claim your prize. All prizes not claimed within 12 months will
be forfeited.
How can I join?

Joining is easy, download the application form, fill it in and send it to the 200 Club Manager,
Send to: J G B Brown, 21 Baileys Barn, B-O-A, BA15 1BW

or email it to: ‘Jim Brown’     [email protected]


200 Club  Details

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