Covid-19 and recent guidelines issued by British Canoeing

In light of the current situation regarding Covid-19 and recent guidelines issued by British Canoeing, we are suspending all regular club sessions effective immediately. This includes the normal Saturday and Sunday morning sessions at 9am and Wednesday evenings at 6pm (that were due to start 1st April). If you do continue to paddle, please remember to regularly use the hand soap provided and try to stay in the open and out of immediate contact with others.
The committee recommends the following:  -regular hand washing -strict adherence of the 2 metre (or more) rule between persons (this includes off the water e.g. showering and changing indoors which should be minimised) -anyone with underlying medical conditions, over-70 year olds and pregnant members to not come down to the club-no crew boat paddling (K2/K4) -paddlers living within close proximity of the club arriving to sessions in kit and showering at home afterwards.  
 Whilst the committee can not prevent people from paddling, we do advise smaller groups from now on (up to 3 on the water for safety reasons) and until further guidance is issued, we suggest paddling at different times to reduce the potential for infection. As always, juniors cannot paddle without adult supervision
In line with government recommendations, any members showing symptoms of the virus should immediately self-isolate and inform the committee.
I am happy for individual members to reach out to me if they would like to discuss anything further.
We will keep you updated on any future developments. Stay safe.


Commodore of Canoes