Nov 25

2014 Avon County Autumn Head Race

On Saturday the 22nd of November 2014 a small contingent of rowers from Bradford on Avon Rowing Club competed in the Avon County Rowing Club’s Autumn Head Race held at the magnificent newly rebuilt Saltford Rowing Centre.

Division one on the long 3,300 metre course saw BOARC boat three crews who all won their events. An IM3.4X- consisting of Ching Kilby, Mike Frost, Tamsin Brewer and Andy Taylor, were the first BoA crew on the water with a winning time of 12:33.1 beating a crew from Swansea whose time was 13:08.8. Next was a MasD.2X consisting of Mike Frost and Andy Taylor beating two other crews with a time of 12:53.3 handicapped down to 12:15.3 and the third crew was Martin Harris and John Barter in the MAS.E.2X beating a crew from Lymington with a overall best Mas.E time of 13:0.5. their time being handicapped down to 12:5.5.

BOARC didn’t boat any crews in the second division short course.

Division three saw three entries from the club Tamsin Brewer and Ching Kilby in the WIM3.2X with a time of 13:48.1 saw them third out of five crews, the winning crew were from Bristol University Boat Club out of the morning Division one. The MasH.4x- had only the BOARC crew in it and the crew of Keith Trivett, Trevor Lutkin, Chris Blunt, and Chris Friend completed the course in a time of 14:14.5 handicapped down to 12:20.5. Charles O’Neil and Michael Smith in the MasG.2x were the only crew in their event with a time of 15:6.6 handicapped down to 13:30.3. The final crew were the legendary Alexander Lindsay and Michael Smith in the MasH.2- with a time of 15:10.1 handicapped down to 12:49.1 alas they were the only crew in this category.

Photos can be seen here

Nov 19

Winter water safety guidance & rules

Winter water safety guidance & rules

The possibility of cold water immersion whilst taking part in rowing during the winter months poses a significant risk. The guidance and rules below are to help minimise the risks as much as possible without reducing participation in and enjoyment of rowing during this time.


  •   The start and finish of ‘winter’ – when these rules apply – will be defined on an annual basis by the Club Captain with the Safety Officer and will be based on an assessment of the weather conditions and related water temperature.
  •   ‘Small boats’ are considered to be doubles, pairs and singles.
  •   ‘Buddy system’ means two or more boats on the water at once and in sight.


The Club Captain, Vice Captain, Safety Officer or Chairman will make decisions relating to the use of equipment and access to the water and any interpretation of or exception to the rules. They may delegate this to another Committee Member on a session by session basis.

Important considerations

  •   Although the rules make particular reference to small boats as these pose the greatest risk of capsize, do not assume that bigger boats are not at risk. Capsize or swamping may still occur due to weather conditions, collisions, equipment failure or incidents such as catching a crab – all a possibility.
  •   In the event of capsize Rowing at BOARC would be normally close to a bank, however there are areas where access along the bank is poor which is an added risk.
  •   The Avon at BOARC can be windy! This can not only cause an increased risk of capsize if conditions deteriorate but can also create an added risk if a capsized boat is blown away from a bank or the boathouse.

Assessing and reducing the risks

  •   Read the guidance provided by British Rowing on cold water immersion – available in the boathouse attached with this notice or from the Secretary.
  •   Check the water temperature and be aware – do you know how cold it is? A thermometer for this use at the booking out board.
  •   Warm up before you go out – cold hands, when single sculling particularly, could

increase the risk of capsize through lack of sensitivity.

  •   Plan ahead o what would you do if you fell in? o do you have plans for different scenarios of where and how you might fall in? o how would you react to the cold shock? o what if another person/crew fell in – what would you do to help?

Be prepared o would it be worth wearing a rowing-specific lifejacket to help in case you capsize and have trouble staying afloat? o Could you take something with you in case of an incident – e.g. space blanket, throw line? o would it help to wear something bright in case you fall in and need to get attention?

Be aware of the bank – if you need to get on top of the boat and paddle to the bank, could you get out easily. Be aware of areas where you could get out easily and plan ahead for areas where this would be more difficult.





Winter water safety rules

  1. Small boats are not to be used by juniors, students or inexperienced rowers during the winter without the permission of the Captain,Vice Captain or Chairman. Permission may only be granted during structured club sessions and when there is a safety boat present. The Captain, Vice Captain, or Chairman or will define ‘inexperienced’. Their decision is final.
  2. The buddy system will be in place at all times during the winter – this means at least two boats on the water at once.
  3. No boats are to go afloat when there is evidence of any ice on the water.
  4. All rowers to be appropriately dressed for the conditions, with specific thought to the potential impact of capsize.
  5. Those in small boats during Winter must ensure they have accessed the conditions and risks fully before going afloat. They must stay in sight of other boats during the winter.

 Andy Taylor  Captain 

Oct 08

BOARC Annual General Meeting Monday 10th of November

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 10th of November at 7.00pm at the Bradford on Avon Rugby Club at Winsley.
This is an opportunity to vote for next year’s committee and also to raise any issues or concerns that have arisen over the last year. The Captain and the Commodore will both provide reports of the last year’s events, and the Treasurer will give an update on the club’s financial status.
I would like to encourage as many members as possible to come along.
More details will be available shortly to explain the nomination process for committee members, and the timelines for raising issues at the meeting.
With kind regards,
Club Secretary
Oct 06

Learn To Canoe OCTOBER Course

Learn To Canoe

Bradford on Avon Kayak Club  OCTOBER  Course

We are running another course starting Friday 17 Oct 2014.
The course will run Friday mornings  for 4 weeks    Time: 8.30am start to finish by 10.30
Cost £40 (cheques made payable to Bradford on Avon Rowing Club)
Number of participants: Max 5 Coaches: 1
Age requirements: Min 10 years, no max.
Location: BOARC Boathouse(Country Park ,Bradford Tithe Barn).

For full details and an application form  please clink on the links below.

Go paddling course October 2014    and   consent_form

For more details  please contact

Mike Puchas   Tel: 01225 760632 or 07875278329

Sep 03

September Learn to Canoe Course

Go Paddle courses

Course 4 (Starting Thursday 11th Sept  2014)

Duration: 4 week day evenings
Cost £40 (cheques made payable to Bradford on Avon Rowing Club).
Time: 6pm start to finish by 7:30pm

Dates  September 11th,18th, 25th and the 2nd October.

Our Sept Course covers the same topics as our June course.
For full information about the June Go Paddle course, click the following link! 2014_course_2_June

Paddling course booking consent form consent_form

Sep 01

Rowing Race report – Gloucester Regatta 23 & 24 Aug 2014

Over the weekend of Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of August several Bradford on Avon Rowing Club crews competed at the extremely well organised Gloucester Rowing Club Regatta. Club Captain Andy Taylor kindly towed the trailer to the event and competed in a couple of events himself. Andy won his Mas F1X semi-final against a member of the Christchurch & Hollingworth Club but lost out in the next round against a member of his second club, Dart &Totnes Rowing Club. However, Taylor did, with club vice captain Ching Kilby, go on to win the Mx Mas E/F semi against a very experienced crew from Dart &Totnes Rowing Club and then final against club mates Anne-Marie Leflaive and Andrew Carpenter. Club member Mike Frost was the other highly notable club member to win races – in particular losing his Novice status by winning the final of the masters C/D novice singles in a race against a sculler from Ross Rowing Club. Tamsin Brewer sculled in the WJ16 1X but lost out in an early heat.

On Sunday Frost won his first race in an IM3 1X event – against Hereford, but sadly lost in the next heat. He later raced and won in an IM3 2x with Gavin Langford, and in an IM3 4 + heat against a Henley Rowing Club boat the BOARC boat crewed in addition by Gavin Langford, Mike Knott, Max Leflaive coxed by Ching Kilby – a combination that had never raced together before. Going on to win their semi final against Bristol Ariel. A second BOARC crew consisting of James Cambray, Adam Swain, Andy Pope, Jack Buxton, cox Benjamin Pocock rowed against a crew from Cambridge 99, they lost and the Cambridge crew then went on to beat the crew coxed by Kilby in the final. Tamsin Brewer & Max Leflaive sculled an Mx IM3 2X against an experienced crew from Hereford Rowing Club and were narrowly beaten at the winning post by only a length. One of the clubs toughest events of the day was the W IM3 2x. Two BOARC crews took part, former club secretary Peggy and current club Secretary Anne-Marie Leflaive and Ching Kilby and Tamsin Brewer. The latter crew drew an extra heat and won three races against some very strong crews to make it through to the final against a very strong crew from Taunton Rowing Club, where Kilby and Brewer lost.

New pairing Laura Moorfield and Emma Pullen were the clubs final crew sculling a Women’s Primary 2x – a round robin event for crews who had previously not won a race. They achieved a solidly convincing win in their race against home club Gloucester, but lost the race against a crew from Swansea rowing club, putting them in second place. Mike Knott did the honours towing the trailer back to the Bradford clubhouse and it was unloaded and all kit stowed away before wet Monday bank holiday arrived!

URL of pictures from the weekend taken by Max & Anne-Marie, Carol, Tamsin and Geoff.

Aug 12

Moscow World Championships 2014

Ed had a successfull world championships  collecting 2 bronze medals.

Ed  Moscow  2014    k1 200  bronze  credit

Ed Moscow 2014 k1 200 bronze credit

The first was in the 200m k1  ,won by Mark de Jonge  Canada, Ed in 3rd place unable to be split from Saul Craviotta  Spain


Ed  Moscow 2014  k1 200m relay bronze     credit

Ed Moscow 2014 k1 200m relay bronze credit

Th second medal came from the 200m k1 relay with team mates Liam heath,Jon Schofield and Kristian Reeves.

Thank to Peter Schofield  for the photos.

Hannah  was also in Moscow  with a 3rd in the C Final of the 200m k1  and a sixth in the womens k1 relay.

Hannah   moscow 2014  credit

Hannah moscow 2014 credit